Census 2021 Data Analysis Consultation: UKNFS participation in support to our UK Nepali community, ONS and Government departments & agencies

The UKNFS has provided it’s submission to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) Census 2021 data analysis consultation.

This consultation has the scope and influence to be one of the most important consultation’s within the last 10 years, as Census 2021 data analysis will inform Government departments policy change and scrutiny of Government agencies through to public services and local authorities priorities, funding, and policy interpretation and implementation across all domains of life and equality, inclusion, and anti-discrimination where our UK Nepali (including UK Nepali – Gurkha) community is concerned.

By taking part (our submission confirmed as received) the UKNFS has provided a service of major importance to our Nepali and Nepali – Gurkha community. We have included too major reference to support on mental health issues and related services improvement.

The consultation participation relates to and builds further on the findings and recommendations on our Census 2021 questions analysis report, to which the National Statistician has responded so positively: https://uknfs.org/uknfs-census-2021-report-provided-to-the-office-of-national-statistics-ons-national-statistician-reply-letter-major-breakthrough-for-our-uk-nepali-and-nepali-gurkha-community/