This HANACS Team page provides details of both HANACS Board/Directors members, and of Advisors. 

The HANACS Board of Directors:

The Board of the HANACS comprises the following :

All HANACS Board members/Directors contribute their respective wide range of technical/specialist subjects expertise to given HANACS major projects and initiatives in Ireland and the UK and in South Asia. As such they contribute Special Advisor-Experts engagement with HANACS projects and initiatives.


HANACS includes as a core part of its activity the role of advisors (there are two levels/types of advisor: Senior Advisors (actively engaged in contributing to HANACS given initiatives in Ireland and the UK and in South Asia) and Advisors that support the vision & mission and work of HANACS in non-regularly active and not directly engaged in HANACS initiatives ways. Both Senior Advisors and Advisors respective levels of contributions to the work of the Himalayan and Nepal Arts and Culture Society (HANACS) are as deeply appreciated as they are central to the work of the HANACS.


Former Ambassador of Nepal to the Republic of Ireland, the UK, and Malta, H.E. Dr Durga Bahadur Subedi (pictured above with the President of the Republic of Ireland Michael D Higgins: poet, writer, academic, and sociologist) was official patron of the the HANACS predecessor organisation (the UK Nepal Friendship Society).