HANACS Resources & Links

This page will contain both direct HANACS information resources (five are listed below in the section at the end of this page, of pre-existing UKNFS period (from 2013 up to February 2022) arts and culture work and initiatives that have contributed to the change and transition of the UKNFS to the HANACS) as well as relevant online articles and links.

The page will also from the late Spring to Summer 2022 period also provide a valuable, Pan-Himalayan and Nepal, listings of groups, organisations, and companies that have established records of educational and creative transcultural learning purposes concerning the arts and cultures of the central, and later further eastern and western Himalayan region of South Asia, and some Western/British Isles arts and culture groups, organisations and companies with strong transcultural learning purposes relevant to the East and West interaction in arts and cultural fields, such as on the topic of migration & arts and culture.

From the April-May 2022 period, this page will include a thematic dropdown menu.


We are delighted to as our first HANACS link, to provide the following page on the Bikalpa Arts Center, Kathmandu, HANACS Nepal formal arts centre partner, and whose creator and owner, Mr Saroj Mahato is an HANACS Director: https://uknfs.org/bikalpa-arts-centre-hanacs-nepal-arts-organisation-partner/


The Nepal International Arts Programme (NIAP) information resource: https://creativenepal.co.uk/  (please see logo above, and https://creativenepal.co.uk/projects/)

Nepal – Britain Bicentenary resource (formed a key platform for the later ‘UK Nepali cultural & social heritage resource): https://nepaliculturalheritage.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/UKNFS-Nepal-Britain-Bicentenary-Exhibition-Peoples-to-Peoples-Educational-Resource.pdf

UK Nepali cultural & social heritage resource: https://nepaliculturalheritage.com/

Foods of Nepal: https://foodsofnepal.com/

Nepal Arts Council Nepal – Britain Bicentenary Exhibition and the UKNFS: https://uknfs.org/april-2017-update-launch-of-the-nepal-art-council-uknfs-nepal-uk-bicentenary-exhibition/

National recognition of World Book of Records Sitarist, Mrs Sita Maiya Rajchal: https://uknfs.org/uknfs-ambassador-for-nepali-instrumental-music-sita-maiya-rajchal-receives-world-book-of-records-title/

Work with the Bikalpa Arts Center (BAC), Kathmandu: https://uknfs.org/uknfs-partner-organisation-the-bikalpa-arts-center-kathmandu-launches-important-initiative/

Nepali home cookery teaching with a SW England catering college: https://uknfs.org/uknfs-facilitated-uk-nepali-cultural-social-heritage-project-nepali-food-component-landmark-event-at-nationally-prestigious-escoffier-catering-college-bournemouth/

England – Nepal, football Friendly international: https://uknfs.org/friendly-international-nepal-england-c-team-uknfs-role-and-support-to-nepal-and-the-fa/

Transcultural learning in the UK — a UKNFS and OCHD call for National Curriculum change: https://uknfs.org/uknfs-in-conjunction-with-one-community-hampshire-dorset-organisation-initiate-petition-to-parliament-to-change-the-national-curriculum/