This page includes links to News and to Events of HANACS activities, partnerships, and related topics. Please also see our Resources & Links page

The first set of news links, which the page starts with, relate to the UKNFS precursor of the HANACS. Arts and Culture related news links from the years and period before the creation and launch of the HANACS, with the first of the HANACS news links proper, being about the new website.


The HANACS website launches:

Swindon, England FA ‘Faiths and Football’ and ‘One Community, One Football’ event of 23rd May 222:

Support for action on Nepali citizens exploitation:

Swindon Food Festival:


The UKNFS, HANACS precursor era, news links:

Nepal Arts Council Nepal – Britain Bicentenary Exhibition and the UKNFS:

National recognition of World Book of Records Sitarist, Mrs Sita Maiya Rajchal:

Work with the Bikalpa Arts Center (BAC), Kathmandu:

Nepali home cookery teaching with a SW England catering college:

Transcultural learning in the UK — a UKNFS and OCHD call for National Curriculum change: