HANACS website launches

The HANACS website has gone live today, the 28th February 2022. With the website launch, the HANACS is delighted to announce creation of its Logo and associated website banner (below):

In regard to our beautiful logo and website banner the HANACS wishes to record our great appreciation to Ms Ria Patel, who worked from a logo and banner creation brief provided by HANACS lead Alan Mercel-Sanca. This involving the elements of transition from the HANACS forerunner UKNFS website banner to be combined with new ones, conveying an appropriate and symbolically clear and striking website banner reflecting both Himalayan art & culture [pagoda from Bhaktapur, Nepal] and location [Himalayan mountain panorama].

Ria and Alan worked closely on creation of the website banner, and in the case of the HANACS logo, HANACS Director and co-initiator of the HANACS precursor (2013), Nepal International Arts Programme / NIAP (https://creativenepal.co.uk/), Deepak Tamrakar providing artistic guidance on the final stage of formatting of the organisation logo:

We also wish to thank Mr Andrew Yearp, HANACS website host, and a UKNFS Advisor, for his greatly appreciated IT work and expertise in creating the new website, and transitioning from the earlier UKNFS website. Andrew has provided invaluable support over many years through his IT expertise on website design for the former UKNFS website, and now the HANACS website.

The website pages will be added to in the weeks and months ahead, including drop-down menus for some of the site’s top menu pages.