Census 2021 — UKNFS engagement with & guidance to the ONS, and assistance to and for our UK Nepali community regarding need to know information for taking part in the Census

The UKNFS was active as early as the autumn of 2018 in regard to supporting our UK Nepali community, in conjunction with our friends at the NRNA UK and a number of community organisations, have maximised opportunity for participating in the Census, as the link below illustrates: https://uknfs.org/aldershot-witnesses-historic-meeting-of-uk-nepali-community-organisation-leads-with-senior-officer-of-the-uk-census/

Beyond this, we played a key role, in enabling and assisting a historically important NRNA led delegation representation to 10 Downing Street, participating ourselves along with other community organisations, with a petition to the former UK Prime Minister on a Nepali entry on the hard-copy Census: https://uknfs.org/uk-nepali-community-census-entry-nrna-uk-led-uknfs-facilitated-petition-delegation-to-prime-minister-10-downing-street/

Now, however, the Census is starting (from 1st March 2021), with Census Day on the 21st March. We will be providing guidance on this page (from Tuesday 9th March) to assist on subjects covered on the Census, where careful study and greater clarity are required.