Community Covid 19 Support Group joint UKNFS and Rojihira Foundation initiative:

The UKNFS is very pleased to announce a joint initiative between the UK Nepal Friendship Society and the Rojihira Foundation, whose Chairperson Mrs Rojina Pradhan Rai, NRNA Vice President and UKNFS Brand Ambassador, with UKNFS Chief Advisor Nepalese community, Mr Hiradhan Rai in response to the Covid 19 emergency .

The initiative concentrates particularly on support to Nepali community members – the elderly members and those with long-term health conditions, in both the Hampshire area and the Reading area. 

We strongly believe at this moment of time (March 2020) we should form a support group to help those who need most support in our community: please take the time to also read the important BBC News, NHS derived information links on Covid 19 at the bottom of this page (including a valuable video link about the Coronavirus in Nepali).

If you are self-isolating due to Covid 19, our initiative (detailed below) will enable support to community members in the two areas (Hampshire and Reading) on the following:

1. Basic shopping and delivery to your door, free of cost

2. Phone support 

3. Drop and pick up from hospital and collect medicine in the case of emergency, free of charge

4. In some cases it may also be possible to deliver meals in case of emergency

NOTE: All of the volunteers supporting the community initiative, follow the NHS and Public Health England guidance on social distancing and hygiene.

Volunteers: If you would also like to volunteer, Please contact Hiradhan and Rojina on email at, or call Hiradhan on 07482 242000, or Rojina on 07445 959453.

For any public health/NHS/local authority enquiries supportive to the initiative in the Hampshire and Reading/Berkshire area:  Please contact Alan on or call 07811 269454.

Information about Coronavirus from the BBC:

Information video from Tansen Municipality Official in Nepali, about Coronavirus:

We at the UKNFS are very pleased to provide information on Rushmoor area Citizens Advice support (big Thank You to Hiradhan Rai ji for providing translation in Nepali) —