Important further update on support and action regarding Nepali international students in Covid 19 related difficulties in the UK

Any international Nepali students suffering for lack of support due to the Covid 19 lockdown, such as particularly their university is not supporting them, or if they need other help, NRNA UK Vice President, Mrs Rojina Pradhan Rai, also UKNFS Brand Ambassador, and the CEO of the UKNFS, Mr Alan Mercel-Sanca are more than happy to help.

The NRNA UK has developed an online contact form – link below – for any students experiencing difficulties to use, to provide information on their circumstances:

The UKNFS has also made contact, with effect from today (23rd April), with the Universities UK organisation ( further to the recent initiative we announced

Mrs Rai can be contacted on 07445 959453

Alan can be contacted on regarding providing evidence of experiences of lack of support by your university, and leads on formal representations to  universities and Universities UK.