International students support information resource creation and UKNFS Dorset area Covid 19 Nepali community support update:

The UKNFS is very pleased to provide the following update regarding its two-part Covid 19 related support project (funded by Dorset Community Foundation):

Its international students support information resource – a joint initiative between the UKNFS and Once Community Hampshire & Dorset ( – has reached the final stage of content structuring, and as a result of guidance from students has been restructured and considerably expanded (approximately 30 pages), with new subjects that the students have explained including video conference discussions, important to provide. 

In the case of direct Dorset area Nepali community and Coronavirus, support work, the UKNFS through its veteran public health advisor, Dr Rajeeb Kumar Sah (Senior Lecturer in Public Health, Canterbury Christ Church University), to create two short videos in Nepali to assist Public Health Dorset (PHD) on reaching the Nepali community on the Covid 19 guidance.  We have now made the first of the videos available on our website at