Kent racist anti-Nepali-Gurkha representation update: response from Sherpa Association UK

The UKNFS is very pleased to provide this further, very important update in regard to the representation and call to the authorities to take concerted action.

We provide below copy of Sherpa Association UK Chairman, Mr Sana Sherpa’s response (which although addressed to us, was copied to all of the authorities and key figures at Maidstone, Kent national/SE England levels that the representation was sent to) made on 22nd April in regard to the representation — we salute the wisdom and power of this response by Sana Sherpa Jiu:

Dear Chief Executive Officer UK Nepal Friendship Society,
I hope everyone is doing well during this terrible COVID 19 crisis.

I would like to thank you very much for your kind information and action taken for the recent incident at Maidstone targeted towards the Ex-Gurkhas family. It is very shameful to hear that this kind of hatred crime still exist in the 21st century. 

We have had such a wonderful 205 years of friendship and we love our British counterparts from bottom of our heart, and we sacrificed our life together around the globe. But few people who has not got any heart or kindness showing their attitude like this is not acceptable which need to be corrected sooner rather than later. I am so proud to see our friends, families, sons and daughters of Ex-Gurkhas and BAME helping each other in every corner of UK society and doing tremendous job in the NHS sector in this very difficult situation. 

I truly believe love and friendship brings peace and builds strong and positive  friendship but hatred and ignorance will ruin friendship and lead to disaster. 

I am very much hopeful to hear from respective sector and agency to identify the effective solution to this problem.

With best regards.

Sana Sherpa

Sana Sherpa, Chairman, Sherpa Association UK