Reporting potential discrimination, exploitation, and or race/ethnicity related prejudice

Very rarely you may, potentially, possibly find that you experience racial discrimination or prejudice (more extreme incidents and experiences of prejudice in the UK may be described as ‘hate crimes’).

You may also on equally rare occasions (the UK is essentially a very welcoming country, and its people renowned for their politeness and helpfulness) find in shopping or employment, and particularly accommodation settings experience discrimination .

Your university international office AND Equality and Inclusion Lead will have provided as part of your induction, at the time of starting your studies at your university, with clear information on what discrimination, exploitation, race related and other forms of prejudice and ‘hate crime’ and how to detect them if you are targeted, and what to do if you or any of your friends are victims.

Your language college/school will also provide the same information for your awareness and protection if you encounter such experiences.

Racism, and sometimes the associated problem of xenophobia (hatred and fear of other nations and their peoples), and phobias against religions and cultures can take many forms and take place anywhere.  For example a few years ago we learned of a very distraught East Asian student who was being persecuted by a British home student(s) through the pretext of saying her/the East Asian students food could be smelled, and wasn’t liked.

If you do find yourself a target of prejudice you should always report it to your Students Union international or Diversity & Inclusion officer, the university’s Equality Office, and ultimately the police (your Students Union will help you through this process).  The Police are normally very helpful in regard to noting such incidents, and they will issue you with a crime reference number: this you need for any future action or development.

ALWAYS REPORT IF ABLE: although at times this may be uncomfortable to do, ultimately not taking action will distract you from your studies, and in reporting you may give others the chance to come forward and report experiences of their own.

Several years ago a research project by two academics involving approximately 150 international students found that some two-thirds had experienced verbal racial abuse, and some physical racial abuse.

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The following organisations and/or officers will be able to assist you if you are a victim of prejudice or discrimination:

Your university or college Equality Officer or International Students’ Welfare & Support Officer, and International Students Officer of your Students Union.

Dorset Police: for Bournemouth area, Bournemouth University students and the Arts University Bournemouth campuses there is a dedicated Dorset Police team who can be contacted via the Dorset Police website — – or Dorset Police social media (please in contacting mention that you are international student and would like the Bournemouth Campus Police to be involved as point of contact for your case).  The team are based at Bournemouth Central Police Station (near the BU Lansdowne Campus).

If you believe you have been a victim of racist or xenophobic (prejudice against particular nationalities) in the crime you have experienced, you should mention this clearly in registering the experience/incident with Dorset Police. 

Advise that you believe you have been a victim of race and/or nationality ‘hate crime’ and want to report this: this can also be referred to the Dorset Police BAME Positive Action Group, and you can potentially refer your prejudice incident to the Office of the Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner (whose outreach involves engagement on BAME, LGBT, and other diverse communities engagement and policing). 

You can also later refer that you have provided One Community Hampshire and Dorset and the UK Nepal Friendship Society, and in conjunction with these Dorset Race Equality Council (see number and email address below) with news that you have reported your prejudice incident.

In particular Dorset Police advice that you report your experience to the crime reporting phone number ‘101’ from your phone, and make a note of any crime reference number, the name of the 101 helpline officer and time of call.  You can also email, or use the Dorset Police Hate Crime webpage link:

Email: Online:

In addition to Dorset Police you can also consider reporting your experience to the Bournemouth Christchurch Poole (BCP) Council community engagement team: 01202 451165

Dorset Race Equality Council:  01202 392954.  Email:

BCP Citizens Advice:

If you find that in contacting any of the above you still need further support or the representatives above have not provided the quality of support you need, you can contact jointly One Community Hampshire and Dorset (OCHD) and the UK Nepal Friendship Society (UKNFS) on and