Sikh Community Delegation visits Gurkha Hunger Strike in Whitehall + images from preceding, June, Sangat TV special broadcast on the Gurkha injustices issues

The UKNFS is very pleased today (31st July, on the 9th day of the hunger strike) to share some images from the Thursday 29th July visit to the Gurkha Satyagraha, Gurkha hunger strikers in Whitehall. Our society/UKNFS, was privileged to play a key part in supporting enablement of the high level Sikh community delegation visit, where important discussions on solidarity took place and speeches by Mr Harjap Singh and Mr Bhapoor Singh, and Mr Balwinder Singh Chahal, of the Southampton Sikh community, and Ms Karen Singh a respected Birmingham community lead interviewing.

On Sunday 1st August at 2pm, Sangat TV provided a special 20 minutes news item broadcast on the hunger strike and Sikh delegation solidarity visit of Day 7 of the hunger strike. The original interview material that featured in the broadcast can be viewed here:

Both these world famous South Asian martial communities feel (as does the UKNFS), rightly, that the very poor quality of reference to Nepali – Gurkha and Sikh critically important contributions to British military and therefore national history if fully recorded in the National Curriculum would make a major difference to preventing the issues relating to the Gurkha pensions and rights, and indeed Gurkha and Sikh experiences of racism. The UKNFS strongly feels the same and is bringing out educational resources that can help remedy the National Curriculum’s grave defects in this area.

Below, images from a preceding Sangat TV special broadcast on the Gurkha injustices issues, in June, is provided:

UKNFS lead Alan Mercel-Sanca working with Mr Balwinder Singh Chahal and Mr Harjap Singh to enable and coordinate with Gurkha Satyagraha Lead, Mr Gyanraj Rai (hunger strike leader) and members of the Gurkha Satyagraha committee, including Dr Mulibir Rai, to support the fantastic Sangat TV Team to provide this very important Nepali – Gurkha and Sikh communities uniting, broadcast.