The Royal British Legion and the UKNFS – transcultural learning and anti-discrimination education resources collaboration — update:

The UKNFS relationship with The Royal British Legion (TRBL) –a nationally and internationally renowned historic British institution, whose official patron is HM The Queen – commenced earlier in 2020 as a result of a UKNFS intervention on behalf of the Nepali community concerning racist attacks, linked to Covid 19, in Nepali-Gurkha communities in Kent:

In August 2020 the UKNFS Lead, Alan Mercel-Sanca, was kindly invited to attend the VJ Day 75th Commemoration Anniversary at the UK National Memorial Arboretum (Staffordshire) in a formal capacity as a result of the BAME UK communities – Gurkha/Nepali community – transcultural learning, commemoration linked educational resources work between TRBL and the UKNFS.  Link:

The UKNFS expresses here its great appreciation to TRBL for this invitation that reflects TRBL’s honouring of our UK Nepali Gurkha illustrious, fallen heroes who have laid down, and continue to lay down their lives for our nation.  

Originally that service was linked to the now passed British Empire, but today now services our nation as a multicultural, diverse communities new Britain – given added emphasis in 2021 with the UK having left the EU that has meant a new chapter for UK friendship and relations with Nepal and our Commonwealth friends, and a changed but still vibrant friendship with all nations and peoples of the EU.

It is a very great honour that Lt General James Bashall CB CBE, President statement has kindly provided a formal support message for the UKNFS enabled and facilitated UK Nepali Community Cultural and Social Heritage information resource & exhibition project, that will be formally launched, virtually (due to Covid 19 impacts), via book/e-book and accompanying website in February/early March. 

At the time of the launch the deeply appreciated supportive words of the President of TRBL on the resource and its educational and furtherance of a, through the resource’ creation further deepening of the historic Nepal – Britain relationship, at whose heart is the story of our Gurkhas, will be provided!

We are delighted to share this two-part news of completion of the transcultural learning, anti-racism, and community integration purposes of the information book/e-book & website, and the accompanying formal words of the President of TRBL. Together these constitute a uniquely effective resource that the UKNFS will from Spring 2021 be deploying with our friends such as the NRNA, Nepalese Association of Wiltshire, Sherpa Association UK and beyond, to support our educational work with TRBL.  

In turn this will enable many benefits to both our Nepali community and to those such as public services, educational institutions such as museums, colleges, universities, schools, national government agencies & departments, and local authorities in regard to meaningful, effective engagement with our Nepali community and Britain’s Nepali- Gurkha history and heritage.

We believe that this work and the special partnership with TRBL in the fields of commemoration and education, will powerfully assist from national down to pan-UK levels, counteracting racism, and more importantly highlighting to our broader nation and society of the UK, the unique contribution of our Nepali community (especially through its Gurkha – British Army historically important dimension) to Britain, and deepen further the special friendship of 200+ years standing between the UK and Nepal.