UKNFS Open Letter to the British Foreign Secretary regarding incidents and malpractice with UK Immigration, that concern Nepali friends of Britain

The UKNFS believes that every nation & people have an intrinsic dignity that must always be respected per se.:

Being protective of the Nepal – UK special relationship & 200+ years of friendship, the UKNFS has provided an open letter to the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, the British Foreign Secretary on the harmful impacts of immigration brutality & malpractice has at community and international relations levels.

This is an example of where community can help our political leaders and government ministers where unelected officials and employees of their commercial partners – who act far removed from considerations of feeling or being accountable – are the contexts of malpractices we have highlighted in the UK immigration services and associated agencies & entities. The incidents highlighted have major impacts, causing shock, alienation, fear and justifiable anger of the victims and those who care for the reputation of the UK and for the mutually respectful and warm relations of friendship between Nepal & the UK.


You can read here the Open Letter to the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP the UK Foreign Secretary by the UKNFS on UK immigration process & human rights abuses of Nepali citizens.

The letter also contains reference to the UK Nepali community Parliamentary Democratic Processes report (that both nations parliaments Speakers have received – link – and which has received extensive coverage in the Nepali news media). In this an instance of differing standards on treatment of considering human rights abuses & infringements is given: the Jet Airways revelation and the passport defacements constitute a serious infringement of human rights, emphasise further how important it is to have a mature understanding and dialogue on such topics.  This is to avoid perceptions at ethical and pragmatic levels of how human rights standards are applied, which until remedied give natural cause for concern on unequal treatment, of kinds that have been (as detailed and evidenced in the open letter) noted in other South Asian countries, particularly India, and made graphic by the Jet Airways incident particulars, as an Indian registered airline.

Nepal because of its unique 200 year+ relationship with the British, most notably through the Gurkhas & the British Army, can help evolve and improve key elements of the nation to nation relations at practical levels including the UK immigration service – and guide our British friends on how to ensure accountability is returned to those tasked (civil service & related agencies) to serve the British nation and people in responsible, accountable and humane immigration control. The UKNFS believes that Nepal & the UK can learn on an equal and self-respecting basis from each other. Particularly, where the importance of parliamentary democracies in real practical terms, like immigration, is concerned.  It is in this spirit that we have, on demand, been pleased to provide the Open Letter with the hope that the necessary reflections can lead to action, and reform. UKNFS stands at the ready for both nations to assist and help enable such action and reform.

The UK cannot with one of its closest friends in the world, Nepal, afford to tarnish its name for fairness, equitability through incidents which show a far from professional and effective humane immigration service.  With Brexit fast approaching, and the UK government stating its wish to consolidate and extend trade, business, and friendships globally outside the EU, it should be particularly sensitive to such incidents, especially its wider implications in the South Asia region. Not getting things right now (as the subject & particulars of the letter indicate) can only give concern for all those who truly want to see stronger community & economic ties between the peoples of Nepal & the UK, at this critical juncture in history for both nations!