UKNFS support for DPCC (Dorset) Candidate businesses & crime Survey + BCP area UKNFS & OCHD initiative on reporting hate crimes

The UKNFS is requesting Dorset are Only BAME community businesses in the small business and self-employed entrepreneurs sector (convenience stores, off-licenses, restaurants, takeaways, taxi drivers) to participate in a Businesses & Crime survey by the Conservative Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner (DPCC) candidate, Mr David Sidwick.

This is further to discussions with David on support for a proposed joint OCHD and UKNFS consultation, and the prospective PCC’s strong support for BAME community members in the small business and self-employed sectors on recording hate crimes and racially aggravated crime incidents that community members often encounter. This to assist on interventions at policy and policing delivery levels on both types of crimes that frequently go unreported due to feelings that no support will be forthcoming for speaking up. David Sidwick’s survey can be accessed at  and you can read more about his exciting prospectus at

This engagement and research initiative comes at an ideal time as the UKNFS and One Community Hampshire and Dorset (OCHD) are jointly proposing a Bournemouth Christchurch & Poole (BCP) Council area consultation with small businesses and the self-employed sector on crime and hate crime experiences faced by many BAME community members who are owners, staff, self-employed.

Details on this initiative will be provided before the end of the first week of November after a joint OCHD and UKNFS request to the BCP Council for this much needed consultation has been formally submitted — PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE.