UKNFS Team audience with His Excellency, Mr Lok Darshan Regmi, Ambassador of Nepal to the UK, Ireland, and Malta

The UKNFS is delighted to share news of an audience with H.E. Mr Lok Darshan Regmi that took place at the Embassy of Nepal on Monday 10th May.

Attending the meeting were UKNFS CEO Alan Merce-Sanca, Mr Hiradhan Rai (UKNFS Chief Advisor), Mrs Rojina Pradhan Rai (UKNFS Brand Ambassador, and NRNA UK Vice President), and OCHD (One Community Hampshire and Dorset) CEO (and UKNFS Director), Mr Pritheepal Singh.

The discussions were extensive and covered a number of important subjects, as well as an introduction of the values, vision and achievements of the UKNFS in serving the UK Nepali community and furthering and eeepening the special ties of friendship between the peoples of Nepal and the UK. More news to follow soon — please see above some images from this very special occasion and of the very warm welcome His Excellency bestowed on all attending.