UKNFS Team salute and send our wishes for swift recovery of our Prime Minister

The UKNFS Team wish to record our salute to the great leadership of our Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP at this time of the greatest national emergency since World War II. It is certain that his actions and pro-active leadership on behalf of the whole nation (his words of only a week ago on video that ‘there IS such a thing as Society’ [a certain/deliberate reversal of the highly controversial mantra of his predecessor Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s that ‘there is No such thing as Society’] exemplify this and how his leadership transcends narrow party politics) have made and are making a huge difference to minimise the worst effects in the UK of the terrible global pandemic.

We wish the Prime Minister a swift recovery — our thoughts are with him and his Partner, and family at this important time of his condition having worsened and his being in intensive care. This partly because of his courage in putting unstinting action to help the nation, before his own health — a man with selfless instincts in regard to public service! A breath of fresh air in this, and very very rare: ‘Get well very soon Prime Minister — we at the UKNFS salute your courage and sense of national duty, and heartfelt praise for and support to our NHS and Carers!’

Alan Mercel-Sanca

CEO, UK Nepal Friendship Society