HANACS is delighted to share that one of our key founders and a Director, Saroj Mahato, is UNESCO Nepal Coordinator for Culture & Creative Industries – HANACS support

The Himalayan and Nepal Arts and Culture Society is very pleased to have amongst our core international team, Saroj Mahato (https://hanacs.org/saroj-mahato/).  Saroj deserves to be counted amongst Nepal’s illustrious contemporary and traditional ‘ambassadors’ of Nepal arts in the broader international South Asian, global and Western arts & culture domain world.  

His perceptive vision on Nepal taking its rightly deserved proper place at a long deserved, but to date little realised global level arts and artisanship world recognition – something at the heart of HANACS Lead Alan Mercel-Sanca (co-lead initiator of the HANACS precursor the UKNFS, who has worked closely with Mr Mahato since 2013 through the ‘Nepal International Arts Programme’ and with Saroj’s brilliant Bikalpa Arts Centre) – now sees realisation through this development. This accords directly with the HANACS vision, and key aspects of its activities, and HANACS is engaged at Nepal & South Asia and Pan-British Isles level in regard to the important UNESCO Nepal Culture & Creative Industries remit, consequently. 

In regard to this some time ago we provided an introduction of Mr Mahato, at his greatly appreciated request, to the Head of BC Nepal – unfortunately though at the time/initially, we understand they had not quite got their brief in order regarding this opportunity (possibly as currently their organisation has only a minor arts and culture remit, unlike other British Council country sections elsewhere): HANACS is very pleased to have subsequently a very positive meeting was held between BC Nepal and UNESCO Nepal.

By way of contrast we enabled UNESCO Nepal introduction to the Embassy of Ireland (Delhi: which covers Nepal as well as India), leading to a very productive e-meeting with the Embassy’s Deputy Head of Mission, Ms Elaine Kennedy; HANACS lead who effected the introduction participating in the exciting discussions.

More on UNESCO Nepal soon …